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DatabaseAdministratorWebDesignerDesktopPublisher+ Software Consultant

In a nutshell anyway. 33 years old, now based in Sheffield in the UK.Me

Involved in Oracle 9i/SQL Server Database Administration, MS Access, report design, Windows 2000 Administration, Intranet development, design and maintenance, Desktop Publishing using InDesign & Photoshop, and Web design using Macromedia Dreamweaver, Flash, Fireworks.

Now currently working for one of the big outsourcing companies doing software consultancy.

I'm an Oracle and SQL DBA, Software Consultant, and i do a nice sideline in abstract art, random fiction, and on the fly reality redefinition.
I'm open to ideas, plans, projects, and anything that doesn't involve squirrels.

I'm an amateur Mornington Crescent Player.

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