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OK, a lot of what i've been doing Roleplaying-wise is over at the Team8 site.

The T8GS RPG system is here for download as well as over there.

I had to recently run up a "presentation" as part of a Train the Trainer course, so here are my slides on How to play Mornington Crescent.

My Final year University Project is still here.

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Millenniums End :

Gear Krieg Character Sheet
Pre-generated Gear Krieg PCs : Horatio Doyle, Jack O'Neill, Emily Phillips-Doulton , Tom Spade
and a couple of Gear Krieg Planes

And last but not least, SLA Industries Weaponry, Volume 1 and Volume 2

The HoL Page is now up too.

The Fish is called Bill, and is a Superintelligent Goldfish I played in a Spaceship Zero game.

The Random Thor Oath Generator is also online.

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