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HoL : Human Occupied Landfill

{Warning: You are now entering Controlled Airspace: Confederation of Worlds Penal Colony #665 H.O.L.]

The Universe has a mountain of fast food waste, and HoL is where it gets dumped.

along with all the wrecked cars, glass bottles, disposable nappies.....

and you.

HoL is also where the waste humanity goes. Prisoners convicted of crimes, Church & Munch fast food employees who didn't make the grade, Lawyers, the list goes on.

to be on HoL, you must have done something bad or been *real* unlucky.

either that or you're a suicidal maniac. (hey, it's been known...)

Imagine the entire known universe run by MacDonalds. There, sick isn't it.

anyway, on HoL, you can expect to meet all sorts of mutants, angry bikers, raiding parties of lawyers, and nasty things with teeth.

Welcome to HoL.

Have. A. Nice. Day.

Now, some Content..... Mr Blod a character to be going along with....

Coming Soon!
The Quest for the Holy Sponk

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This is not a Wastem.

[HoL was written by Dirt Merchant Games (Todd Shaugnessy, Daniel Thron & Chris Elliott) and published by White Wolf & now "The Cabil". it's a game of sick humour, big guns and nasty little things with big teeth. And Wastems. And Sodomy Bikers. And Lawyers. There needs to be more sites about HoL, but there you go. this page will have more on HoL as and when.]